Spawn Point on game development co-operative, founded in Oulu in 2014.

Spawn Point aims to support the Oulu game development community. Our primary goals are to improve and maintain the know-how of developers and to create new jobs in the industry.

If you’re interested in joining, read the instructions below:

You’ll get access to:

  • Business ID, with which you can apply for e.g. AVEK Digidemo production funding
  • Steam Greenlight access (value 90 euros)
  • Game publishing though Spawn Point (business ID, bank account)
  • Pros of light entrepreneurship:
    • Retain unemployment benefits with monthly salaries under 300 €
    • Billing and other paperwork done for you


  • Share fee: 50 € (Refunded upon resignation)
  • Joining/Annual fee: 25 € for students & unemployed, 50 € for others
  • Spawn Point retains 7% of your total earnings or max 20 000€ per fiscal period


  • Read through our internal rules: (link) (currently in Finnish)
  • Pay 75 € (students / unemployed) or 100 € (others) to account: FI39 4600 0010 5936 77
  • If you wish to showcase your skills in our upcoming CV-bank to assist employment, add your info: (link)

For further information about Spawn Point or our activities, contact us by email

You can also join Spawn Point’s mailing list for all the latest news and info.